3 Ways to Enhance Your Small Businesses Website

3 Ways To Enhance Your Small Businesses Website

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Having a website is a great start, but many ongoing enhancements need to be made over time once it is created. Websites can be challenging to maintain while making sure that the layout and content are appealing to your clients/customers and search engines. Even though it is an ongoing task to ensure your website is up to date and continuously optimized, it can become overwhelming quickly. 

At Just Small Biz, our team is driven by the importance of making sure that our client’s websites perform well. Continue reading our blog to learn about a few tips and pointers that can help you start the journey of enhancing your small businesses website. 

The Problem

Your small business most likely already has a website created. But is it properly optimized for search engines, and is it easy for your visitors to navigate? Many small businesses miss significant (and simple) opportunities to enhance their website, which risks losing potential customers/clients.

Strategy #1

Create compelling call to actions (CTAs) on each of your website’s pages. Call to actions are statements such as “contact us today,” “schedule a tour,” “download our guide book,” etc., and are typically in the form of a button. Adding these CTAs helps to encourage your visitors to take action and gives them a point of direction.

Without call to actions, people may not know where to go to get the information they want. This can cause them to leave your website and potentially lose them as a client/customer. To prevent this, add CTA buttons towards the top of each webpage and on the sidebars. Making them as easily accessible as possible is key to their success. 

Strategy #2

Use keywords in each of your headlines and throughout your website’s copy. Using keywords in every headline is an essential component of enhancing your website’s SEO. Including them in the headlines helps search engines identify what the copy is about, and it helps your website visitors do the same. By dividing your content with headlines, it makes it easier for users to scan through the content. 

Additionally, when search engines crawl your site, they note how many relevant keywords are used throughout the entire site. By included content with relevant keywords, you are increasing your webpage’s SEO score.

Strategy #3

Add client/customer testimonials to your website. Including up-to-date testimonials helps your website visitors understand how your small business functions and works with their clients/customers. It is an easy way to help humanize your website and highlight some of your strengths.

The testimonials can have their page in the navigation bar and create a small slider that goes towards the end of each page. Having the content on its own child page and including it in the navigation bar is an excellent way for your website visitors to view all of your testimonials/reviews in one area. But, make sure to create a slider of 2 – 4 testimonials on each web page. Having the slider makes sure that each visitor sees the testimonials even if they do not visit the actual testimonial page.

Making small changes such as adding CTA buttons, updating your website’s content to include relevant keywords, and creating a testimonial page/slider are relevantly simple ways to enhance your small business’s website. All three of the changes improve different aspects of your website, such as providing an easier way for the visitor to get the information they desire, improve your site’s SEO, and helping to illustrate how your small business works with its customers/clients. 

If your small business is struggling to enhance your website, contact us at Just Small Biz today. We help small businesses amp up their website to make it perform better via SEO and be user-friendly. We understand you might have better things to focus on, and that is why we are here to help. Contact us for a free consultation by calling (321) 613-8476 or filling out our contact form

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